Interns Diary

April 2016

  • by Laura Bianchessi, 29 Apr 2016
    It’s the second week and so it’s time for the second color. As I spent last week in Italy expect to see less Berlin, but more sun! Invisible Border - Mad Architect @Milan Design Week April 29: ORANGE Long-stay prisoncell at prison/TBS facility Overmaze @Milan Design Week Isn’t orange a bit...
  • by Laura Bianchessi, 21 Apr 2016
    In the following weeks this will be my visual diary of chromatic resemblances, inspired by the city of Berlin and everything else I see. Expect every week a new perspective on a new colour. Astronaut - Victor Ash   April 22: BLUE.   Görlitz, Berliner Straße Why start with BLUE? Blue...

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