Interns Diary

August 2012

  • by Katy Hawkins, 16 Aug 2012
    As the office that I currently work in is located in the new-new Berlin gallery "hot-spot", situated around the Check-Point Charlie area, I have been attempting to break up the monotony of the working day, or to find some quick-fix through occasional visits to the surrounding galleries. A slightly...
  • by Katy Hawkins, 8 Aug 2012
    Living spitting distance from Simon-Dach-Straße now, has forced me to often ask the question of -what differentiates me from the tourists? Is Berlin more my home that theirs? And, consequently- what makes anywhere your home? Knowing the literal geographical-city, the short-cuts or back routes? Having a job and a...
  • by Katy Hawkins, 1 Aug 2012
    So, to pick up where I left last time... Money One of the things I love most about Berlin, especially when experienced in comparison to London, is that the role of money as a driving component, or force, within society is considerably less prominent – or perhaps people are just better at hiding it here. In...

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