Interns Diary

December 2011

  • by Sarie Nijboer, 19 Dec 2011
    Dear diary, From Monday till Wednesday looking for the perfect working annex coffee place kept me busy. My dearest neighbor with whom we share the internet turns it off every night, and most of the time she forget to turn it on again… That's how my search for the perfect place for coffee AND internet...
  • by Sarie Nijboer, 9 Dec 2011
    Dear Diary, Winter has arrived and I am spending more and more days at home.. so this time no stories about bars. Or maybe a few.... because on Sunday Despina took me and the other girls, Maria and Rachel from Pigs, out for dinner at Themroc and we ended up at a nice bar with good looking people called Neue...
  • by Sarie Nijboer, 2 Dec 2011
    Dear diary, I'm already at the half way point of my internship… and because living in Berlin feels so normal I decided to go to Copenhagen for a weekend… Berlin is sooo boring and of course there is nothing that I've missed this weekend… no expos, no parties, no reading… Argh...

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