Interns Diary

October 2011

  • by Sarie Nijboer, 25 Oct 2011
    Dear diary, Starting the week with working on Mondays isn't bad… only if it starts after 12h. Any earlier and you might run into problems like showing up too late, making mistakes, or being too tired. 12h is perfect… Luckily I got two internships who understand how it supposed to be. Every...
  • by Sarie Nijboer, 18 Oct 2011
      Dear Diary, This is already week 6 of my life as a Berliner. Life is running fast, and it's getting harder to keep up. On Tuesday we had Bob Rutman's opening at Atelierhof Kreuzberg. Todays note: People don't like openings on Tuesdays… Luckily the Möbel Olfe saved some...
  • by Sarie Nijboer, 5 Oct 2011
    This Monday we started with a cup of coffee at Soho House Berlin where we had a such a great view over Berlin. Despina had invited Maria and me for a meeting. It was a good start of the week and at the same time a nice moment to look back at my weeks before. For already one month I'm living in this city. Even if...

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