Text and pictures by FIELD KITCHEN ACADEMY

Educational Residency at WÜSTEN BUCHHOLZ,
16 August - 11 September 2019

The FIELD KITCHEN ACADEMY is an interdisciplinary educational residency programme that gathers artists/ creative minds, a resident chef and prominent experts from different fields together around a kitchen table through mind-opening acts and actions. A total of ten residents will be accepted to join the upcoming FIELD KITCHEN ACADEMY in its two modules. Curated by Ece Pazarbaşı, this year, under the title of SILENCE WITH THE CONSENT OF SOUND, we will use the notion of silence in sound as a gateway to opening various sensory experiences. We will experiment towards transgressing the well-accustomed idea that silence as used as a “sound” component in sound art and music, which creates an aspect of empowering the work itself by making it stronger. Use of silence can accentuate the other frequencies, and at the same time sound might accentuate the silence further. Yet, silence in sound also creates a passage to other senses of the body. With silence, the journey with sound enables quick shifts and glitches from auditory senses to the enhanced senses of sight, touch, smell, and taste.

Composed of two intertwined modules, in its first edition in 2019, the program offers 10 residents through applications from artists, chefs, and other creative minds to address these issues. The 10 selected residents will have the opportunity of pursuing processes of experimentation, discussion, trial and error, the progression of knowledge, and know-how in working sessions during the first 3 weeks. The last half week will be the ‘simmering’ period where the residents are expected to do NOTHING.

The selection process will be pursued by a jury including Mario Asef, Ursula Block, Cevdet Erek, Brandon Labelle, and Ece Pazarbaşı.

Selected participants will be announced by 8 July 2019.

Module #1 (17 - 23 August 2019) Working Session: Nothing Breaking the Losing with JULIANA HODKINSON (composer and musician) and Performance: Choreomania by EMMA HOWES (contemporary dancer)

Module #2 (24 August - 11 September 2019) Working Sessions: cycle.silence.rhythm with ALI M. DEMIREL (visual artist) & ROBERT LIPPOK (musician, composer, visual artist and set designer); In the Silence with Diligence with JI WOO & SUN WOO (Zen masters); sssshhhh… with HANS PETER KUHN (sound and visual artist); The Multi-Sensory Essence of Our Existential Experience with JUHANI PALLASMAA (architect) and the simmering session.

Chef in Residence: BETÜL İNSEL KARAHAN

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