The Bpigs Gallery Weekend

According to a poster I saw on the street there were three Turner Prize winners having a solo show opening this gallery weekend: the coo-coo lady in Bortolozzi, the painting genius in Johnen and one more who now escapes me. It also escapes me who got nominated  GW King and King  in Autocenter (I am guessing that are the odds between 40 male and two female artists)...
I did get my hands on the new frieze d/e though, which I actually had to steal from my drunken friend's pocket as they were nowhere to be seen at the party. I got rewarded with a rather long round table discussion on Berlin’s expat bubble (Die Blase, Plurar: Die Blasen).

What was easier to take home were the A0 poster at Wert/Sache exhibition, you had to chose one, without really knowing whose artist it is.
I missed the installation at Blain|Southern, because my friends were waiting in line for the tacos at Klosterfelde but I heard it was “argh.” The show in Tanja Wagner Gallery was as puzzling as it’s title, the installation in Esther Schiper was the kind you make photos of to go back to your studio and start copying immediately, Gilbert and George live, signing tones of heavy catalogues with the „complete postcard art“ (49,99Euro) made me stop in the middle of the sentence “ I think they should had stop doing ar..“ and take out my camera. John Bock’s show at Klosterfeld was surprisingly minimal and intestines free (not his performance @schinkel pavillion though) which was just as well because that was also the only gallery with free food, said tacos: and definitely the friendliest gallerist of GW. Both nights at Babette were just fine, even though the music in this bar is upstairs, the drinks downstairs and you have to smoke outside. The exhibition really worked and I also learned the title „36 Girls-Mein X ist aus Kberg“  was a reference to the 90's Kreuzberg gang  and not some obvious thought I might have had. There was also a huge red painting brush outside the Volksbühne for one and a half days (now on top of the Platoon headquarters) - not the artist's most succesfull public intervention. The more fun to watch, part of the same show from huge hay rolls got also removed when someone, not surprisingly, tried to roll them from their base one night. Favourite part was probably the revival of our tuesdays home, Appartement in a place even closer to home than before and a coctail named Lillet with something something, cucumber, strawberries,mint,something,something... 
I did not see Ai Wei Wei of course, nor his show - I got a little pin from a friend who was there: saying "Where is Ai WeiWei?" which, ironically I lost. No big art celebrities on view except from that guy from Nadjas /Artstar now historical video  I did think I saw Anselm Reyle at some point, but then we got introduced and his name was Christian.


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