Sprizz,Kitsch and Whiskey Sour @berlinartlink.com

from my article on http://www.berlinartlink.com/2011/06/23/spritz-kitsch-and-whiskey-sour/

Interview magazine party is scula grande, sestiere di san polo 2454. Text me if you hear of cyp party
Gotta run. Orlan is at iceland
Eating dinner same place I met you. Will come get you at the gardini then go to ice together
U there now?
At Peggy’s grave
Can u get us in?
We don’t bother
In guggenheim but not at lunch
Come to Austria – tiny Wiener, cold beer
Would stay in dry land if I were u
Free food and drink but posh and lame
Das good?
Where the Fuck is James Franco?
Bauer we need a sougar dady to pay our drinks. Piazza Margherita Pizza 2 euro?
Hey I haven’t met her yet, will keep you posted. Where u at?
Say you are Kirstine Roepstorff
Where is the boat thing living again?
This is an exclusive party with free drink food.very difficult to get cards. Are u sure?
Hey sweety I have tickets for dutch due. Cool hey were going to be there around 6ish so maybe catch u later? Def want to see u!
In arsenalle.will be back at 3 for danish pavilion. Meet there?
Hey P, just run into A and she gave me ur number cool that u re here too-do you think u can get an extra ticket for Guggenheim tonight?
Not so good-drinks finito-only red wine
Now canadian. Boring hell. Heading first american then scottland.
Hey H- Swiss thing seems not to be, sitting i front of paradiso with some beers, let me know when u know the address for interview party



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