Say a Little Prayer

St. Agnes church - Wed night Michaela Meise performed church songs that relate to her recent album Preis dem Todesüberwinder

Berlin is apparently a teenager of 772 years old. I am not quite sure how old the art scene in Berlin is, but all everybody seems to be asking (themselves) in the last year is- Is it EVER going to grow up?

To sum up the facts for the newcomers.

In the beginning was Mitte. Weydingerstr + Linienstr galleries. 2007 Second generation project space boom, Brunnenstr gets super hype, then a big gallery boom, Heide str comes in, Weydinger str not so cool, Linienstr empty, 2008 financial crisis in, big galleries out, enter Neuköln- forgotten bar, third generation project space boom, discovery of the ONE NIGHT SHOW+drinks to keep your project running 2009 Soho opens, Damien comes back to graffiti a shark on the wall, Blaine & Southern comes (back) but never really opens,  everybody moves around it in Potsdamerstr just in case,  Brunnen str deserted, there is a "mix up" or sthng with the dates of frieze (in London) Americans (collectors) stop coming, 2011 Tjorg Douglas Beer leaves Berlin! Artforum self destructs, abc kind of takes ever, but then you have to balance your flyers in the heating and stand around like a fool, meantime Gallery Weekend big success, but then there is a War, Galleries left out of Basel art fair scandal, mafia, fear and loath... 2012 Johann König announces he will open a church as a gallery (see future move around Kberg). Galleries commute to Art Cologne for the big C – goes well but not that well, light german panic (=very subtle). War over, a cease fire at least, Berlin Art Week is born, everybody comes together in peace, pastes a big big smile in their faces, and holds a paper drawn smiley as well. Double smile for good luck. Berlin breeds bier, berghain and currywurst but no collectors. What to do?

People worry I guess. These are a few of the questions I was asked to answer from different media these last weeks of nail biting anticipation, (where everybody seems to be on holidays in Greece – except lovely Mrs Gerke from niche, who graced the Turkish part of Cyprus )

In what aspect is Berlin over rated?
What do you think of an art week in Berlin?
Why do you think people come?
Are you going to attend?
Does this event sound attractive and future-orientated to you?
Or is something missing for you in Berlin's art landscape since the end of the Art Forum?

Yesterday night the season opened in St Agnes church. An inspired event that also inspired hope for Berlin’s (or at least König’s) ability to rediscover itself constantly and at the same time completely nailed the collective pre- art fair mood.  

Say a Little Prayer.



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