Rudolph the Red Nose Berliner

It is a special day every year, the day I hear Rudolph the red nose reindeer for the first time. I was always impressed by this Christmas song, which is NOT about how six mammals fly around the world carrying a carriage full of presents and quite a heavy old man in winter gear, but about the fact that one of them (mammals) has a red nose.

I also think this song should be taught in art schools as it explains in 2 minutes how the art scene works. 
So, you got Rudolph, your average art academy student. Or your average Berlin artist. Your Brooklynite. Your Angelino.
You got Santa, the Gallerist, collector, critic. You got the other Reeindeers, the public, You. 

Lesson 1# The art scene never talks about the Big Reindeer in the room, the thing that really makes no sense at all, but about a cutesy detail of the whole, reducing everything else to stardust.
Lesson 2# People are stupid. They don’t recognize talent if it shines in their face.
Lesson 3# Your biggest flaw is your biggest ally. (Well as an artist, I would not use that tremor to operate doc). The thing you really can't shake of your character is the thing you should build your career on. You will be a lot happier too.
Lesson 4# OPPORTUNITY. And timing. Work that does not work for a gallery in a specific time frame, works perfectly for another one down the road. All you need is a Santa Gallerist to seize the opportunity to use your work for his purposes.
In that sense ... Lesson 5# He is not THE Santa, he is your first Santa. Remember that before signing any exclusive contracts you little red nose dreamer. 
Lesson 6# People are stupid. Ok let me holly-rephrase this. People need a context in which they can enjoy, comprehend and appreciate your work. Yes, they also need an authority to tell them this is the right thing to do. And then … Oh then … how they will love you... and they will shout out in glee ... and you the red nosed Berliner ... will go down in art history.

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