Gallery Weekend/ Editor's Cut

Unlike "director’s cut", this new series, which might or might not become a thing in Bpigs, will try to present readers with a shortened version of events: a dense mix of popular oppinion, marked usually with “I heard” and personal ones marked, logically, with “I think”.

There was a little bit of drumroll for the female participation in this years GW (which was equal? More? less less? I forget), with a lot of young female artists, youngest of which was probably Eva Kotakova (‘82) whose show @Meyer Riegger was recommended left and right, but personally did not love.  Way better: Klara Hobza @Soy Capitan. Female mega names Bovincini, Genzken, Export all showed “have-seens” which in the first two cases made for a snoozefest, in the latter however was quite educational. Youngest artist was probalby Julius von Bischmark (‘83) whose show @Levy, a few boyish-macho elements aside was quite substantial, I think. Tried to tell him as much at Levy+Artitude speakeasy after party, but the alkohol just flew to generously. Best party by far.

Hans Peter Feldman was represented not once but 3 times, all of which not very Hans Peter Feldman-ny, meaning not very funny or new. I heard the one @Mehdi Chouakri was the coolest. Quite a few “who wore it better moments” at least in my eyes–Alicja Kwade/Valie Export – Alicja Kwade/Karsten Nicolai; Jana Euler/George Bush, Oscar Murillo/myself.

Murrillo’s @Bortolozzi was also in my oppinion one of the best shows or maybe the immediate followup with Rondinone @Schipper worked wonderfully; Kwade’s was according to popular oppinion the best show, it was of course not a show in the sense of curating a body of work in a given gallery space, but an awesome installation.

Most relaxed gallerists were by far the Crone people, who got to walk barefoot on sand all evening. Seymour’s show was magically surreal and got even better when Crone director described as “I think this is how it looks in the artist’s head”. A must-see in the next weeks. Not so must-see on the other hand VW, I heard + I think.

Less relaxed gallerist assistant was maybe the lovely Gregor, who was in charge of the impossible task of keeping out all of Berlin in one of the most popular’s gallerist "private party" for one of the most popular scene artists.  Not even the alkohol running out kept people away.

New spaces: Guido Baudach, heard is stunning, PSM, did not hear so much, probably because it is a bit oddly located and nobody made it in the first rounds. I could have sworn I saw the big brown GW posters on random galleries doors, which is simply awesome.

Johnen Gallery refused to put out the free bigs guides by saying (grill-royal-waiter-alert) "we are allowing ourselves to say no", to which I allow myself to say boooooo.

And yes, with all the respect due to great artist Nedko Solakov, the gajillion hand written comments @ KW were irritatingly cute and sometimes suspiciously smelling of "curator's humor". At least we got to see the back windows.

Things I learned: Bonvincini does NOT like architects.

Word of the week: Yammamoto.

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