De Diary

January 2012

  • by Despina Stokou, 28 Jan 2012
    It could be funny, but then it is not. Giti Nourbakhsch ( and I am going to say the name correctly just this once out of respect) announced she is closing her gallery in March, via a YouTube video, where she is dancing to Udo Lindenberg's "Ich mache mein Ding" or short "Mein Ding". (This is...
  • by Despina Stokou, 5 Jan 2012
    whatever love you can get and give, whatever happiness you can filch or provide, every temporary measure of grace, whatever works.(as long as you don’t hurt anybody) I don’t  know where you stand on the I love/hate Woody Allen scala, but I cannot think anything better than this speech of...

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