May 2020

  • by bpigs team, 28 May 2020
    Art is always lonely. It is lonely in its conception because you need to quiet the voices in your head. It is lonely in its process because you left it too long, and now you have to finish the damn show. It is lonely in its social context because it is ( ideally) always new, always awkward, always kind of an outlier....
    by bpigs team, 14 May 2020
    Open call for an educational residency with: BILL FONTANA (composer and video artist), HANS PETER KUHN (sound and visual artist), SEBASTIAN MULLAERT a.k.a MINILOGUE (producer and DJ), OVE HOLMQVIST (sound artist), HANS ROSENSTRÖM (sound artist), STEFFI WEISMANN (sound artist), JI WOO & SUN WOO (...
  • by bpigs team, 5 May 2020
    Another beautiful, fresh initiative this week trying to navigate a brave new world of semi-isolation. Berlin galleries have joined forces to create BerlinViews, a website format present­ing over 25 galleries and gallery models. Initiated by Office Impart and Tanja Wagner gallery the project, which yes, is a...

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