April 2017

  • Photo by Julianne Cordray
    by Julianne Cordray, 28 Apr 2017
    As Gallery Weekend gets underway, we've set out to visit the preview. The official start kicks off tonight at 18h, with more than 50 openings taking place across the city. Here's a look at some of our favorites so far: Entering the space at ChertLüdde, visitors immediately find themselves closed in,...
  • Image credits: Julianne Cordray
    by Sarie Nijboer, 26 Apr 2017
    The artist couple Maike Abetz & Oliver Drescher have been working together for more than 20 years now. Their upcoming show “Dawn of Tomorrow” at Magic Beans Gallery is an oeuvre of their intimate collaboration and relationship. We spoke with the artist couple about their paintings that are filled with...
  • by Adela Lovric, 26 Apr 2017
    Gallery Weekend once again presents us Berlin art scene’s crème de la crème with official shows at 54 galleries + countless additional off-program events. The 13th edition takes over the prolonged weekend to showcase new art shows, spaces & faces, and provide plenty valid excuses to overattend...
  • Donna HUANCA Surrogate Painteen September 2 - October 28, 2016 Peres Projects, Berlin
    by Sarie Nijboer, 24 Apr 2017
    Donna Huanca Surrogate Painteen September 2 - October 28, 2016, Peres Projects, Berlin  
  • by Adela Lovric, 18 Apr 2017
    As a logical continuation of co-running Galerie Open in Berlin-Mitte for 6 years, in 2012 Alexandra Rockelmann opened her own space, Rockelmann &. Since then, the space has been dedicated to presentation of young contemporary fine art with a focus on curated conceptual and installation art. Being an experienced...
  • Team Non Berlin
    by Sarie Nijboer, 13 Apr 2017
    Their open spirit, clean aesthetics and knowledge of both German and Asian art culture sets the Asian Art Platform NON Berlin apart from other project spaces. For NON Berlin, it is not about competing; their aim is to establish partnerships and collaborative efforts between Germany and Asia. We spoke with the people...
  • by Adela Lovric, 11 Apr 2017
    Even though in the coming days the common practice is to go Easter-feast in the family nest, we have convincing arguments to stick around for hangouts Berlin-style. Some pretty exciting evens are on the repertoire for the next two weeks, which will gradually prepare us for the grand Gallery Weekend end of month....
  • by Adela Lovric, 4 Apr 2017
    Tom Albrecht, Mariel Gottwick, Maria Korporal, and Javier Pérez-Lanzac make the team of artists running the project space Group Global 3000. Since the initiation of the space in 2012, the team has been organizing art shows and actions revolving around sustainable development, social justice, and environmental...
  • by Adela Lovric, 3 Apr 2017
    Deutsche Bank KunstHalle recently introduced their 2017 "Artist of the Year" – Kemang Wa Lehulere  – with a comprehensive solo exhibition titled "Bird Song". It is the first German institutional solo show of this young South African artist, and it adds up to the growing...

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