June 2014

  • by bpigs team, 30 Jun 2014
    Our 48 hours were well spent last week not only in Neukölln, but not very far either. Openings at KLEMM'S, Circle1 and Studio Chérie, as well as the performance at SomoS, were our main destinations, with many stops around the artists' favorite neighborhood. 
  • by Adela Lovric, 25 Jun 2014
    This week Neukölln is awake for 48 hours straight for the annual celebration of its creative people and places. If you prefer some variety in the program rather than sticking to one district, there are still many spaces around the city where you can appreciate creativity with the art-minded. WEDNESDAY 25.06 18....
  • by bpigs team, 23 Jun 2014
    Music lovers and football fanatics had a special kick out of last week's events. Us art folks did not feel deprived in any way; we did concerts at Mauerpark, we know the relevant results, and we still did not miss the most interesting events of the week: openings at Alte Kindl Brauerei, Das Gift and Kuckei +...
  • by Adela Lovric, 18 Jun 2014
    When you live in Berlin, you cannot even recover from an amazing weekend before the next one arrives. This weekend, Fête de la Musique will treat us with free concerts, while the galleries will be awesome as ever and host free events from Wednesday till Sunday. Ennoble your week with discussions, tours, openings...
  • by bpigs team, 16 Jun 2014
    Last week nobody missed the Berlin Art Prize, which evidently turned into one of the most important cultural events in Berlin. Cheers to the winners and the organisers for this great get-together for the entire art scene. Besides the big ceremony, plenty of other events kept us entertained from Thursday till...
  • by Adela Lovric, 11 Jun 2014
    Plan your week well! It seems like everything is going on at once, including the much anticipated Berlin Art Prize. Besides the openings, closings, and corresponding parties, this week we have some great concert tips for you. WEDNESDAY 11.06 19.00 Heroines of Sound festival @ Berghain Kantine WHY: Strictly...
  • by bpigs team, 8 Jun 2014
    Hey, it is Monday, believe it or not! The Bpigs team is here to gently remind you that the prolonged weekend is close to its end. If it comforts you: the fun is not over as long as the memory is alive. Let us remember (before we forget) last week's lovely events.
  • by Adela Lovric, 5 Jun 2014
    If you are not familiar with Arne Schreiber and his work, and you are trying to find out something about the artist by googling his name, all you will see are stripes in many variations - a basic, but overpowering element of his oeuvre.  No wonder; if black is the new black - and it always will be the simplest...
  • by Adela Lovric, 4 Jun 2014
    Summer arrives decidedly this week, just in time for the upcoming birthdays and festivities, as if we did not have enough of those in May. This week  we raise our glasses for the 40-year-old Künstlerhaus Bethanien, and with no less enthusiasm, for the shows at ACUD Galerie, insitu, Cruise & Callas, SomoS...
  • Jeremy Shaw The Quickeneres Johann König opening
    by bpigs team, 2 Jun 2014
    Rain and endless queues aside, last week will be remembered for widely dispersed exhibitions well worth visiting; from Auguststrasse to Krumme Lanke, or in the walkable distance - from Johann König, Berlin to Schinkel Pavillon.

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