July 2012

  • by Maria Santos, 30 Jul 2012
    1work / 1room / 1night @ Gitte Bohr, DRAW, Victoria's last night@bar 3, ChessBoxing @Platoon to be honest I was not aware who the cute old couple were @Schinkel Pavillion- RIP Franz West. WEDNESDAY 25.07 1work / 1room / 1night Part 1: Ondrej Brody & Kristofer Paetau @ Gitte Bohr Club für Kunst...
  • by Despina Stokou, 27 Jul 2012
    Back in February, when I had gotten all intern crazy and spent a week actually joking about building the "pigs" army. I met this girl, the last of a series of young people offering to do everything for nothing. She had been a while in Berlin, got some street smarts, funny, british (the accent..) and most...
  • by Katy Hawkins, 27 Jul 2012
    Part Two My involvement with Bpigs has been a bit…haphazard to date. The post you are about to read in now, is approximately 5 months delayed. To summarize … It was February, I was unemployed and running out of money fast …on the brink of a self induced/self indulgent "depression",...
  • by Despina Stokou, 24 Jul 2012
    Our Likes our now complete- Maria, Rachel, Christian and mine below. Now your turn! Send in or comment online the 5 things you absolutey adore about Berlin and its art scene. We will post all half -way sane answers with a name, as soon as we get some. Der Fernsehturm I LOVE the Alex Tower. I just love it. It...
  • by Rachel Simkover, 23 Jul 2012
    Ensemble Zwischentöne Concert @ Hamburger Bahnhof, Platoon Opening, Partouse opening and Mandy's bar, Vicky Uslé - Woodshedding @ Alexander Levy, Limited Limitlessness @ LEAP THURSDAY 19.07 Ensemble Zwischentöne Concert @ Hamburger Bahnhof as much as we dislike the use of the word...
  • by Maria Santos, 22 Jul 2012
    Things I actually like, love, worship and adore about the art scene in Berlin and the city in itself.
  • by Rachel Simkover, 21 Jul 2012
    More likes, staying positive in the spirit of summer
  • by Kantine, 19 Jul 2012
    Lecker griechisch, aber nicht nur!
  • by Rachel Simkover, 16 Jul 2012
    Miha Erman, "Room with no Echo" @ Galerie Kuchling, Body Controlled #4 @ LEAP, Workshop Xth Sense with Marco Donnarumma @ LEAP, Preview Bomb Gallery @ Galerie Axel Obiger, Rundgang 2012 @ UdK, Rundgang der Kunsthochschule Weißensee 2012 @ Oranienplatz 17, Pyoyectos Monclova - Asiataco @ Tanya Leighton...
  • by Rachel Simkover, 8 Jul 2012
    Japanther @ Marie Antoinette, Paul McCarthy @ Neue Nationalgalerie, Cia Rinne & Anders Lauge Meldgaard Performance @ Grimmuseum, Robert Montgomery @ Tempelhof from the press release sent out yesterday : "Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Artistic Director of dOCUMENTA (13), welcomes the »occupy«...
  • by Clémence de la Tour du Pin, 7 Jul 2012
  • by Despina Stokou, 6 Jul 2012
    Drawings by Witte Wartena.
  • by Rachel Simkover, 5 Jul 2012
    After climbing the stairs to the top floor of an old industrial building, now Delloro Contemporary Art, one enters Wolfgang Stiller’s installation, Laboratory I, an installation that feels like a combination of the backstage office at the natural history museum and a turn of the 20th century laboratory. In the...
  • by Despina Stokou, 5 Jul 2012
    -Why did you come to Berlin to work? -I have promised myself I will not answer any more questions about Berlin. First of all football. So Germany triumphs over Greece, to get beaten to a pulp by Italy, who in their turn got absolutely ridiculed by Spain in the final. It feels like  there is a karmic statement...
  • by Rachel Simkover, 1 Jul 2012
    Berlin-Paris Gallery Exchange, Hilarion Manero Private View @ 7hours Haus 19, David Levine performance @ Tanya Leighton FRIDAY 29.06 Berlin-Paris Gallery Exchange: Alicja Kwade Studio Visit Berlin-Paris Gallery Exchange: Jordine Voigt Hilarion Manero Private View @ 7hours Haus 19 SATURDAY 30.06...

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