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Thursday, 15 Feb

Marc Desgrandchamps
Solo exhibition
Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin, 17.00h
Duration: 15 Feb7 Apr
Artist Name: Todd Johnson
The photographs in this series were taken around the urban landscape and later buried there. Distilled over lengthy durations, these film transparencies interact with minerals and humidity of the soil to decay, transform and mutate over time. This material process is an attempt to collaborate with place by allowing elements of the landscape to more overtly steer the photographic inscription process. Through collaboration with the...
SomoS, 18.00h
Duration: 16 Feb24 Feb

Friday, 16 Feb

With works by Marikke Heinz-Hoek, Gabriele Künne, Erika Plamann, Cordula Prieser and Maja Rohwetter
Ein dampfender Kochtopf, ein gefrorener Fisch in der Sonne…ursprünglich aus der Thermodynamik stammend, wird ein System als offen bezeichnet, wenn an seinen Schnittstellen hinsichtlich einer seiner Kategorien ein Austausch stattfindet, dessen Energiebilanz ungleich null ist.
In der Informationstechnik wiederum versteht man unter einem offenen...
Galerie Axel Obiger, 19.00h
Duration: 17 Feb10 Mar

This Week

Thursday, 22 Feb

The talk will be held in English
Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, 19.00h

Friday, 23 Feb

© Mette Kit Jensen + C. Y. Frostholm
A performance with audio/video projection and live drawing by the Dutch artist Madelon Hooykaas.
The performance sequence started on September 28 2017 in Venice and continued on December 21 in Amsterdam. The subject of the performances ‘Virtual Walls’ is the upset balance between the numbers of tourists and the residents of both cities.
With the event ‘Real Walls’ at the project space Scotty, the artist is questioning the function of walls nowadays. Are...
SCOTTY, 19.00h
„Wachse oder weiche!” lautet auch für die Bauern das kapitalistische Fortschritts-Credo: Große wirtschaftliche Einheiten und rationalisierte Anbaumethoden versprechen hohe Erträge, höherer Chemieeinsatz globale Wettbewerbsfähigkeit. Agrarfabriken überrollen Bauernhöfe, Megaställe verschmutzen Luft und Wasser. Gülle wird in Regionen „entsorgt“, wo das Grundwasser noch nicht so stark nitratbelastet ist… Insektensterben inklusive. Und das Recht auf freies...
Group Global 3000 e.V. , 19.00h
Duration: 23 Feb
Exhibition flyer
Welcome to Oasis.
You find yourself in an adaptive system – such as traffic, economics, social networks, trade markets, politics and poker.
How utopian is peace? Can you gamble for it? Can you win peace as a jackpot and how likely is to win in gambling?
Veneta Androva created a video-installation presented in the space Display in Berlin by combining documentary material with animation work and simulated environments that are related under a multilayered...
Display, 19.00h
Duration: 23 Feb27 Feb
In a two-way communication of images and information, we move through multiple formulated spaces analogous to a single expanded room. That which is exterior creeps inside by way of a digital virulence, and what was once interior is drawn out. The local is embedded with the global as boundaries disappear. Territory and location, physical and digital, self and other, all blur together as indistinguishable but in high definition.
Echoes 2: Sydney to Berlin...
rosalux , 19.00h
Duration: 24 Feb17 Mar

Next Week

Wednesday, 28 Feb

Haus am Lützowplatz, 19.00h
Duration: 28 Feb

Thursday, 1 Mar

Aneta Kajzer and Manuel Stehli – Out of Touch / Out of Time
Künstlerhaus Bethanien, 19.00h
Duration: 2 Mar25 Mar
Jana Gunstheimer – Falkenrot Prize 2018
Künstlerhaus Bethanien, 19.00h
Duration: 2 Mar25 Mar

Friday, 2 Mar

Lia Kazakou
This exhibition shows the work of three female painters in their thirties. Their work alludes to an invisible counterpart, an other half that is suggested but not defined. Thus the works ask for completion in the eye and imagination of the beholder. The artists work in different styles, yet they share an interest in the play of light, shadow, and transparency of colors.
Lia Kazakou (Thessaloniki, Greece, 1980, lives in Thessaloniki) presents fragments of...
Magic Beans, 18.00h
Duration: 2 Mar14 Apr

Saturday, 3 Mar

Within the frame of the exhibition YVON CHABROWSKI: "FACES AND MOVEMENTS“
CASSANDRA/MOVEMENT PATTERN (2018) is a Life Performance and will be performed on two separate dates in March. The performance deals with the monitoring system of the same name; CASSANDRA. The relationship between the body and the image or the images of the motion monitoring system can be experienced spatially.
Duration: 3 Mar

Sunday, 4 Mar

Artist talk.
Haus am Lützowplatz - Studio Galerie, 16.00h

The Week After Next

Tuesday, 6 Mar

Syncope, fig. 1-8, 2014, series of 8 flags, each160x230cm, Multiflag
The series of 8 black and white images show a young woman during fainting. They are cutouts from original photographs, in which she was held by a man, who is now erased except for his arms. As ostensible extra body parts, they cling to her body and turn her into an amorphous figure.
Valerie Schmidt´s work refers to the famous painting by André Brouillet from 1887 named “Une leçon clinique à la Salpêtrière“.  It depicts Charcot demonstrating his fellow...
Das Gift, 19.00h
Duration: 6 Mar15 Mar

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